Shivay’s Cake Smash !

It’s a beautiful Wednesday. Time for Cake Smash Photography by Sid & Stuti ! A special cake smash session for our son with a monster theme. The banner and milestone are handmade by Mom, involving days of effort. The colors are coordinated to match his dress and the theme.We will go the length to make a cake smash photography session special, so that our son can get the best memories that last a lifetime.

Cake Smash Pre-Shoot !


Now that is what we call a smile and a pose !
“Are we ready to get started here, Parent/Photographers ?”, I like the cake and the monster theme you have planned !

Cake Smash Begins !


And then we ask him to smash this beautiful cake. Why?

Because we want him to be a kid. We want him to do what kids do best. Have fun without thinking twice. Make a mess. Go crazy with eating the cake. Dig his hands inside the cake. Eat it the worry-free way we would like to but are afraid to in public.

Enjoying the cake flavors and the fun  !



  1. Saharsh says

    Lovely .! Loved the theme the best part about cake mash is true essence of childhood the carefree fun. Adorable baby 🙂 lots of love

  2. Animesh says

    Happy 1st birthday Shivay lots of love….keep smiling and keep showering the joy!!
    Lots of applause to the best mom n dad / bhaiya n bhabhi !!really you guys are the best :-)!!

  3. Shweta says

    Love it! Great decor, great photos! Shivay looks soooo cute!!!

  4. Jayant gupta says

    Lovely pics shivay enjoy a lot with birthday cake amazing pics😀😀

  5. Sajitha says

    Yaar..How much to compliment..Feeling lack of words..Sid ji u r really blessed to get stuti n shivay in your life..n other way around as well…Awesome triple s😍😘👌

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