I have a photographic memory. I remember people, events and sometimes it may surprise you. I want to be my role model. This website is a tribute to my life, which started in a humble small town and unfolds across the continents.

Sometimes, you have to be your own Hero

I had a challenging teenage. My family had to lose my father. There couldn't have been harder times, where my family stood wrecked and everything seemed to be a background noise. We fought ourselves bravely out of calamity and through the valiant courage of my mother. In her name 'Bharti' lies a grandeur and perseverance. Life has been stable and beautiful since college, when I met my soulmate 'Stuti'. I've done great in my life and job ever since. I have gathered precious friends in this journey of life. I have known that the greatest of pleasures lie not in riches of life, but in times spent in happiness with the ones you love.

I grew up with trees. Men and trees are pretty much the same. With good nurturing, we become magnificent and resplendent. We have our fruits, leaves and the scars of time. We provide shade in the heat and support the seasons of life. I hail from Ranchi, which was a quiet town in the 80's and 90's. I ate handplucked fruit and homegrown vegs. I was blessed to have played in open fields, and not know of gadgets. This was the time when people were respected and things were used. Nights lit up with kerosene lamps and we used to listen to AIR when the rains echoed through the gulmohars. We had a lot of sparrows around the house, and very less plastic.

Along the walks of life I had time to learn the guitar and pursue interests in travel and photography. I sing and play the guitar. I can click decent pictures since the time my dad had a Yashica. These qualities are imbibed by my Gemini horoscope, that I have multiple dimensions and gifts of arts. I love movies and hate the daily TV. I belong to a generation which saw a transition from Pentium-II and Doordarshan to the smartphones and HD streaming. I work in IT and i am proud of the value we have brought in people's lives in connecting the world together.

I want my friends and family to speak of me as someone that always kept in touch no matter how busy I had been, and my colleagues to speak of my ability and quality of my work. I would like to be remembered as a genuine & talented man.  If you are reading this, the time I spent with you is safe in my grey matter. Lets collect many fond remembrances together walking in time.

I hope to have your views on my site's contents. I wish you a happy life.


Yours lovingly,